Friday, May 25, 2007

Sexual Assault Training for Pledges

Today, The Dartmouth reported that the IFC will require a mandatory two-hour sexual assault awareness and training session for fraternity pledges next fall. The program was created as a joint effort between the IFC, Sexual Assault Peer Advisors, Mentors Against Violence, and the Student Assembly. The sessions will be conducted in each fraternity, and will be tailored individually for each house based on imput from each house's leaders.

I think that this is good. I'm glad that it was not a mandate from the administration, but rather came from students and the IFC leadership. There were also rumors previously that pledges would be required to undergo full SAPA training, which I think would be excessive. As a recent pledge myself, I'm sure that there will be a lot of complaining about having to do this, but sexual assault is a really important problem at Dartmouth, and I think that the potential difference that this program can make is defintely worth those two hours.

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