Wednesday, May 23, 2007

DFP Ends Polarization by Attacking Greek System

This month's issue of the Dartmouth Free Press loudly urges students to "tell President Wright you want an administrator to oversee your social life." Wow.

In his editorial, editor-in-chief Travis Mush*tt says he wants to get "past the polarization," but then proceeds to devoting an entire issue of his paper to attacking fraternities from every possible angle.

According to the DFP, fraternities are seedy, disgusting, crude, strange, pointless, and unpleasant. On the back page, there are fake pro/con articles, with "Jaded '07 Guy" writing:
Fuck group-think.
Fuck male dominated social scenes.
Fuck wasting time.
"Naive '10 Girl" chimes in:
I met this super hot Chi Gam brother who taught me how to play pong... Pretty soon, I was having trouble standing up and I noticed all my friends were gone... I didn't think he liked me, but after game four, we made out for hours!... He never confirmed my friend request, but I heard that upperclassmen never even use Facebook anyway.
When I first saw the latter piece, I thought it came straight from the Dartmouth Review. Not only is it blatently stereotypical, but it also portrays "Naive '10 Girl" as having deserved being taken advantage of.

At least back in the day, the DFP ran articles supporting both sides. How exactly is this moving past the polarization?

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Anonymous said...

It gets past the polarization because few, if any, of the authors actually blame the houses or their members for our scene's disfunctional and outright problematic components.