Monday, May 28, 2007

CNN: "Football-and-Fraternities Faction" Victorious ran an article on on the recent trustee election as part of their "StudentNews" section. The article is a little over-the-top and makes Stephen Smith sound completely evil. Richard Routhier, the head of the nominating committee for the Alumni Council's trustee candidate said that Smith was not forthcoming about his conservative views, which strikes me as bullshit because it was pretty obvious that Smith was the conservative candidate. While Smith's non-Dartmouth political views might be important to some, it's not really germane in this election. It would be bizarre if one the trustee candidates started campaigning on their position on abortion or healthcare.

It also annoys me that they put all of this in the same sentence: "In the past decade, Dartmouth has cracked down on underage drinking, investigated racist and anti-Semitic incidents and put fraternities on a short leash, banning one for newsletters that detailed members' sexual exploits." Drinking and being in a fraternity shouldn't go in the same breath as a discussion about hate crimes and anti-Semitism. But I guess it's all the same to the ignorant outsider.

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Anonymous said...

David: Don't you get it? Since Dartmouth has cracked down on all the vices, clearly anyone in the opposition is FOR them. Do you not remember Mr. Smith's open campaign pledge to promote "underage drinking, racist and anti-Semitic incidents, and fraternity newsletters that detail sexual exploits?" It is the reason all thoughtful alumni voted for him.