Saturday, June 2, 2007

DFP's "Senior Issue"

The Dartmouth Free Press just published their "senior issue." It's a good read.

Here's a scorecard:

Connor Shepherd, "We'll Make It I Swear: Overcoming Tradition" - About the Greek system, drinking, tradition, career choices, and superficiality. Whatever. I'm not really sure what he's talking about, but I'll take his word for it. [5/10]

Yuki Kondo-Shah, "You Belong: Finding The Right People" - Interesting inside perspective to admissions with Dartmouth. I agree with Yuki's views when it comes to admission and affirmative action, and I found this insightful. [8/10]

Andrew Seal, "Common Expressions: Broadening The Discourse" - Self-expression, male dominance of campus dialogue, etc. I've read it before. But Seal's a big media guy - why no female contributors to the Little Green Blog? [3/10]

Meredith Wilson, "You Can Change The World" - Using the Iraqi Kids Project to demonstrate how to organize and get stuff done. Self call by the author. Not a bad guide. I'll give it a good score. [6.5/10]

Heather Strack, "Activism And The Greeks: They Go Together" - Being an activist and a Greek at the same time is "liberating and suffocating." I don't understand. My affiliation with my house has absolutely no influence on my political views. Why should it? There are both liberals and conservatives in my house, with various levels of devotion and extremeness. I don't want my frat to act as a political organization - that's not why I'm a brother. [3/10]

Michelle Davis, "Myth Of The Dartmouth Liberal: Looking Beneath The Rhetoric" - On the prevalence of fake liberals around campus. Includes a little test. I agree with Michelle that a lot of people claim falsely to be liberals. At the same time, any sort of label is oversimplified, and I think that there's a wide of range of liberals. FYI - I'm the real thing, I promise. [6/10]

Michael Amico, "On Wants And Wishes: An Agenda For The Self" - One of the gutsiest articles I've ever read. Shock-value off the charts. Props to Amico. [10/10]

Soralee Avyar, "Injustice For All: A United Way" - I generally agree. [5/10]

Vivian Chung, "Short Lessons I've Learned: Losing Yourself To Find Yourself" - Sort of like Mike Amico's article but boring by comparison. [4/10]


Anonymous said...

Does lgb have any contributors at all now?

David Nachman said...

Yeah, not really these days.

Anonymous said...

Amico's piece made me lose my breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Amico's piece had too much information.