Friday, June 1, 2007

NY Times Messes Up

In the late afternoon, the New York Times posted an article on their website about a baseball team from a public middle school, I.S. 286, in New York City. The original version of the article discusses a game between I.S. 286 and Hunter College High School, where I went to school from 7th to 12th grade. Trymaine Lee, the author, describes Hunter as trash-talking I.S. 286, attacking them for having no uniforms. There was also an altercation started when a Hunter player said, "that’s why y’all mothers smoke crack." I was surprised. Hunter kids don't normally talk like that. We do have our ghetto side, of course, but we're also one of the best high schools in the country, public or private.

Well, it turns out the Times completely fucked up. When I went back to the article tonight, every mention of Hunter was changed to J.H.S. 104. I guess that explains it. That's too bad. It's not often that Hunter gets mentioned for its athletics or for its trash-talking skills.

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