Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Obama at Dartmouth

Some photos from this morning's Obama rally in Alumni Gym...

The gym was packed, the crowd enthusiastic, and Obama endlessly charismatic. The doors for the event were slated to open at 7:45 am, not the best time for students for sure, but the line to get in was stretching around the tennis courts by 7:25. I got to stand on the bleachers along the side of the gym, holding up and waving signs as part of profile-view backdrop for Obama. Michelle Obama introduced her husband; she is a notably excellent speaker. As Senator Obama entered the gym, he shook hands with a bunch of people. As he approached the audience barrier, a pacifier from a little kid flew in the air and landed out his feet. Nonplussed, he picked it up and handed it back to the kid's mother. Obama's speech was passionate and persuasive, and well delivered. Towards the end of his address, a student in the crowd fainted, which brought the event to a standstill for quite some time until a stretcher was brought in to remove the student. Within seconds of her fainting, before any of the paramedics or police or secret service arrived on the scene, Obama passed his bottle of water to the students around her. He calmed down the crowd and then stood silently and attentively until the student was taken out. He then resumed his remarks and slowly rebuilt the audience's enthusiasm.

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