Friday, December 7, 2007

Zywicki Responds

Joe Malchow at Dartlog received a statement from Todd Zywicki regarding his controversial speech at the Pope Center for High Education. It's an interesting read.


Anonymous said...

Nothing in his thousand-word apology on raising money for others (including his employer) at the expense of Dartmouth. Does he plan to cover than in another installment?

John Bruce said...

And consider that his position as a Trustee is on the line -- Haldeman has said the Board is going to take up his case. If a normal person were in that situation, wouldn't he consider (as an attorney certainly might) the benefit of saying nothing? His rant at the Pope conference spoke for itself, and saying things along the line of maybe it was exaggerated does nothing. Or, if something were felt to be necessary, wouldn't it have been better to have one or more wise-head colleagues go over the thing with a fine-tooth comb? The fact that it's 1000 words suggests nobody did.

And, having stumbled so badly, without any real excuses (other than that he didn't know he was being taped, which is like the guy who holds up the convenince store and didn't know he was being taped) wouldn't the graceful thing to do be to apologize sincerely and resign?

How on earth does he think he can keep his Board seat with Haldeman and a strong majority against him? Does he think it will do any good if he tries to increase the already bitter controversy with his case?

I'm just shaking my head at the thought processes here. Frankly, I don't think the guy is all there.

Anonymous said...

Zywicki has reaffirmed his bizarre idea that some kind of contract exists to give alumni an enforceable right to elect some Dartmouth Trusteees, the proverbial "back door." Zywicki and the other three have filed a breathtaking amicus brief. Just how these guys think their crusade against Dartmouth -- carried out in public and in court -- could satisfy their duties of confidentiality, loyalty, and fiduciary responsibility is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Alumni are drafting a petition calling on the Board to eject Zywicki, Smith, Robinson, and Rodgers for the violation of their duties to Dartmouth they committed when they filing an amicus curiae brief against their own board.