Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What was Stephen F. Mandel like at Dartmouth?

At the bottom of this blog's sidebar, there's a visit counter from Occasionally, I look at the statistics it provides. One interesting piece of information is the referral website, i.e. the site that linked to Super Dartmouth. Today, one visitor got here by searching for "what was stephen f mandel like at dartmouth" on Google. Stephen Mandel '78 was recently elected to the Board of Trustees as a "charter" trustee. I don't know what Mandel was like, but clearly the searcher had unusual faith in Google being omniscient. I doubt the search results helped much.

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Nathan S. Empsall said...

I get Site Meter results like that all the time.

"What is the pace of New Orleans recovery in 2007?"

"Is David Vitter connected to the New Orleans madame?"

"What has Hillary Clinton said about New Orleans?"